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"My friend and I did not have a lot of time to make a decision on a new apartment. When searching online, I was overwhelmed by the number of real estate agents and apartment options. I spent time looking at reviews and housing options and when I first contacted Shari I was impressed with her speedy reply. In fact Shari was very attentive and communicative with us which was very much appreciated and helpful during this busy time. She made the whole process pretty painless. If you want someone who is honest, very knowledgeable of the area, and has a good sense of humor, contact Shari! You won't be disappointed."
---T.H. 2012

"Shari is more than an real estate agent, she is a COMMUNITY AGENT. A love-your-life agent. Cambridge is very fortunate to have a longstanding advocate in her and her business.

Meandering to Central from a friend's house one wintery afternoon last January, I decided to stop in to Shari's home office as I was looking to move... in June.

We chatted about all things UNrealestate for a good 45 minutes- books, goals, travel, culture... wacky family. She made hot tea and made cutesy noises at her Maine coon, Harvey (who is precious). I "went with it" but coincidingly had absolutely no idea what parallel real estate universe I had stepped into on Lawrence. Though, now I look back and see how this initial exchange was important in the process of obtaining my ideal apartment. Shari seeks to understand her clients' lives, not just their demands or livelihoods. Later on I emailed her how when we first met, it was funny we didn't really even talk about real estate and she goes, "I love my Real Estate meetings! They are really fun and very much 'non real estate' conversations! How better to express your wants and needs AND interests! "

When I realized I should inform her of my apartment search, I told her, "I'm a grad student so I'm poor, I greatly dislike and distrust brokers, I'm picky as hell, & if I am paying a fee, it better be worth it" (attempting to be stern), then listed myriad micro-criteria about my to-be-found apartment (access to transport, gas stove, no carpets, no a/c...)& that I had to reside in one of Cambridge's hip-but-not-too-hip neighborhoods.

Shari said, "well.... we HAVE to find you an apartment then, I mean, you HAVE to live here."

And that is exactly what she did. No, literally... she offered me her apartment.

But after we decided that would not be a good option for me, she and I worked together on numerous occassions through the spring. She was protective of me, being a single 20's female, weeding out buildings she didn't think were the best fit for walking home late or which she didn't know the landlords well. Finally in April, we checked an adorable apartment in North Cambridge that was great, but needed a few things tidied and tightened before my picky-a## self could live there.

Shari was my arbitrator with the realty office, making sure the landlord knew my 'demands' and checking in to make sure my unit was on their short list. Checked in with me when it came to moving time, and we're in touch still about the apartment and life. I know I can contact and rely on Shari as a community member, neighbor, and cheerleader. Or if I have a funny thing happen, I just send it along because I know she'll laugh out loud.

I highly recommend Shari if you want a meaningful consideration of your rental "desires". Go visit!"
---Tufts Ph.D 2010

"Shari is the best real estate boss lady of all time. She is a natural born people person and has a collection of the best rental properties in the greater Boston area. Shari has a uncanny ability to match each of her clients with the perfect place that suits their every need, want, and personality. All of her rental properties are tasteful, in safe locations, and are stationed right in the middle of all the fun areas of Massachusetts.

The part of the real estate business that sets Shari apart from others is her selfless love for the people she helps find places for. Shari extends her warmth and kindness even after the business deal is done. Anytime I needed her when I lived in Cambridge or elsewhere she was immediately there, day or night. When I first moved to the area I didn't know anyone. I unfortunately got sick and had to be hospitalized during my first week. Shari took me to the ER and sat with me in the waiting room for hours until I saw a doctor and was excused from the hospital. Over the years I have kept in contact with Shari and she continues to help me out in any way she can. Her renters become part of her extended family and once you're in Shari's extended family the rest of the family members warmly accept you in their lives just on a Shari recommendation. I've had great times, met wonderful people, and found my ideal apartment all in Boston and all because of Shari. I can't thank her enough. Believe me when I say if you decide to use Shari's services you will not be disappointed."
---Happy in Harvard Sq.

"I was in desperate need of a place in Cambridge, but I lived 300 miles away and couldn't afford to take a trip to look at apartments. Shari accommodated me wonderfully, sending me updated photos of the interior, exterior and street views. She even set me up with a great roommate. I lived in four different apartments in the Boston area, but this was by far the best one I ever had. Cambridge Rentals deals with quality listings -- they don't settle for mediocrity. If you're looking for an apartment in the Cambridge area, do yourself a favor and call Cambridge Rentals now!"
---C.P. 2010

"We love Shari! We first met Shari when she had her office in Central Square. We immediately clicked. She is warm and perceptive. She has a way of connecting with people and knowing just what they need. My kids felt right at home with her in her well designed, interactive space - also because she was relaxed about them making a mess with the PlayDoh.

We needed to rent our apartment in Cambridge, and she came, took pictures, our children were in one of them. She put those photos on the website with the caption "Children not included." Anyway within a week it was rented to a wonderful group and we have been lucky ever since. Shari is a true gem."
---A.C. & Family

"When my friend and I were first looking for rentals in Cambridge we we're having trouble finding the right place on craigslist. So a friend recommended his broker, and that's how we first met Shari.

Within a matter of about a week we had found a great place, signed a lease, and practically moved in. One of the smoothest transitions I have ever had moving from one place to another.

Shari introduced us to local bartenders and shop owners and had an abundance of local knowledge.

Without hesitation I would recommend this wonderful broker to anyone."
---4 Friends from B.C. 2008

"Before moving to Boston I didn't have the slightest idea where to begin my apartment search. I spent a number of days meeting with various real estate companies sprinkled all over the area. After being dragged to countless apartments, that as my dad put it "wouldn't even let my dog pee here", I stumbled upon Shari. The two of us walked into the office and were greeted with a smiling face. We explained to Shari a general idea of what I was looking for and she knew exactly the type of place I wanted. The very first apartment she took us to, and the only one I needed to see, ended up to my home for four years. The apartment was clean, newly remodeled, quiet building, safe neighborhood, in the middle of Harvard Square. No way could I have found an apartment like that by myself or with any other real estate agent for that matter. She had quality listings and apartments that no other agent had. I had multiple people come to visit from out-of-town over the years and every person to this day brags about my Boston apartment. It was absolutely perfect. She was the last saving grace I needed.

Shari continued to extend her hospitality and warmth even after the "business" deal was done. I ended up getting sick the first few weeks I was in Boston and had to go to the hospital. Shari brought me to the ER and sat with me until I was released, making sure I was completely taken care of. She set up my cable for me, put me in contact with the right furniture places, and made me feel absolutely welcomed. To this day Shari continues to check in with me on a regular basis to make sure I am keeping my head in the game and so on. There is no one else like her. She is a wonderful person and is a blast. I am glad to call her a lifelong friend."
---J.W. Emerson College 2009

"Zen Real Estate is the best broker in Cambridge. Shari understands the Cambridge grad school scene & is the most helpful broker I have ever worked with. She made my transition from Hawaii to Cambridge painless, and was always available give advice on restaurants, shopping and the local scene. Highly recommended & well worth the brokerís fee. Thanks Shari!
---A.C. HBS Class of 2007

"When youíre a first time landlord and your friends tell you that they actually liked dealing with their real estate agent, thatís the first person you call. Shari Moy is definitely not your typical agent. She cares about both the landlord and tenant equally. I donít just have great tenants- I have great neighbors. Thanks Shari!"
---Jim & Rebecca H. 2004

"I just wanted to let you know that I've had to deal with all sorts of realty people since I purchased my house some time back. Working with you has been an absolute joy, even if you don't rent my property! You have made one aspect of my life with this house easy, you may have even helped me to reconsider selling which I was thinking about. Just wanted to say thank you!"
---Karen M. (Landlord) 2004

"Shari Moy made a stressful move from DC to Boston, that much easier, more comfortable, and more efficient. She not only found us an apartment in an excellent location, in our budget, in ONE day, but she did so without even charging us a fee. She knows the most about the market and caters to meet your needs. We might still be looking for a place to live if we had not wandered into her office that day. If you are looking for housing in the Boston area you must go see Shari at Cambridge Rentals."
---Dina G. Sloan 2006 & Steph A.

"Contemplating a move from Germany to America, I was at a loss as to where I should begin my apartment search. Using the only tool available to me, the internet, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Zen Real Estate. Though I perused other sites, I found the website at Zen to be most forthcoming with necessary information, i.e., local shopping, restaurants, and of tremendous importance, what constitutes a broker's fee and why I should pay it.

Moving across town is stressful. Moving to a different state, or country as in my case, can be overwhelming. It was important for me that photos of available apartments were included on the site at Zen. Descriptions of apartments in the internet, or local paper, such as the ubiquitous "full of C&C" lead one to believe that Cambridge is overflowing with C&C. Caveat emptor. Seeing the photos helped me to decide what I wanted before I set foot in Cambridge. It also added to my feeling that Zen was aboveboard.

The testimonials from other customers do not exaggerate. Shari, the owner of Zen, will do what she can to mitigate the stress of the entire moving process. I moved to Cambridge with nothing but books and clothes. She has loaned me: a table, chairs, computer printer, dishes, flatware, small tv, not to mention various other household items. Her authenticity is hard to beat!"
---Isabelle/Harvard Divinity School

"Thanks again for all your help during the past year. You really made me feel like we would be taken care of if anything went wrong, and I mean, what other agent drives her customers to the impound lot when their car gets towed? You rock!"
---Laurent T. - HBS 2003

"I have moved six times in seven years! Shari is by far the best agent I have every worked with! She made the process easy and uncomplicated. I ended up moving into the first apartment she showed me! Even after I moved she was always available to chat about good places to eat or shop in the neighborhood. I can't recommend her highly enough!"
---Eileen W./B.U. Grad

"Zenrealestate is the best! I was a homeless graduate student at MIT during Cambridge's worst housing crisis. The "big" agents had no respect for individuality and had no respect for the highly personal nature of home shopping. Shari and Peter at Zenrealestate reversed this attitude. They found the perfect place and Shari even loaned me the futon from her own living room until my furniture arrived!"
---Jonathan B.

"If anyone is still looking for a place I have completed my search and dealt with a lot of the brokers in Cambridge, without a doubt the nicest and most knowledgeable broker was Shari Moy at Cambridge Rentals!"
---Jeff W. / HBS Class of 2002

"I could not be more grateful for all of your assistance during my move. You have been a wonderful source of support throughout the entire rental process...twice! I wholeheartedly recommend your services to those in need of either an apartment or a renter...or even a great smile. Thank you! Cheers!"
---Christin H.

"From a Grateful Client

After three days of relentless and frustrating apartment searching in Cambridge, Shari [of Cambridge Rentals] didn't give up on me. I was tired and discouraged. I had to go back to Florida and was running out of time to find a place. I had seen 15 apartments with 7 different agents.

"I want you to see this townhouse."
"I can't afford it."
"Well, let's just go by and look at it."

The townhouse was just right. She helped me negotiate the landlord down a bit so I could afford to make this deal. Who else would help that much and care that much?

And we love living there!"
---Bonnie K.

"With the rental market so tight, and after dealing with numerous agents, Shari Moy [of Cambridge Rentals] found us the apartment that we are still living in 2 years later. She knows the area, she knows the people, and most of all she's fun because she is one of the people. I still talk with her today, and I know if we were to move again, she would assist us."
---Debra M.

"I can't thank you enough for all your great work matching us with such a
truly perfect location (I'm a believer - there's something cosmic going on
here...), AND with being so helpful through the move. I'm sure we will continue to consult you as we sort things out, but you really have done so
much! We're truly grateful!

---N.Z. Designer 2007

"I walked into Cambridge Rentals 2 days after I relocated from South America, looking for an apartment in a city where I knew no one. I had already seen more than 10 apartments with different realtors, and they were all wrong for me. As soon as she saw me, Shari Moy knew exactly what I wanted and needed, and she was right.

That's one of the many things that differentiate her from the rest of the people in the business. She wants you to find a home, not just a place to live. And she will not give up until you find it, and that made all the difference for me.

She's passionate about her work, and she's excellent at it. And the best thing is that she goes the extra mile without thinking twice. She not only helped me find the best apartment for me, she took me to buy my furniture !!! And she gave me a hand when I had no place to stay while my new home was ready. I will never forget that. She has a rare combination: a bright mind and a kind giving heart.

---Cristina D.

"When we moved to Cambridge in 1998, we had a hard time finding a place we really liked that we could also afford. Shari Moy led us to a great deal on a palatial apartment that we got for a bargain. Once Shari saw how much we wanted the place, she went out of her way to smooth negotiations with the landlord. Her dedication enthusiasm, and professionalism stood out among the rental agents we dealt with--she used her experience to look out for "our" interests. We recommend her strongly and whole-heartedly. If you're looking for a new place in Cambridge or the surrounding towns, do yourself a favor and make sure you talk to Shari before you settle for second best!"
---Jeff C, Stephen S., Derek H., Scott H.

"As a new landlord, finding an "ideal tenant" seemed like an impossible task until I found Shari Moy at zenrealestate.com. Within only a few days, I had the perfect tenant and my worries were over. Shari is a "dynamo"! I have never seen anyone work as hard for clients as she does. I was getting discouraged by other realtors who were not willing to meet my expectations. After meeting Shari, I realized that she was a true "diamond in the rough". The service she provides is high quality with a quick turn-around. It's unbeatable!"
---Judy J. -- Landlord