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Where did the name Zen Realestate originate?

We are a community based local business. Our Zen Realestate name was chosen by one of our renters. We listened to her needs and found an apartment for her where the current tenants had a dog too! They became great friends and ended up dog sitting for each other! Coincidence? Perhaps!

Why are you called Cambridge Rentals and your site is zenrealestate.com?

Pending our Trademark acceptance we named the company Cambridge Rentals. Search Cambridge Rentals in Google and you will find we are the #1 non-sponsored site! We now own both trademarks! Zenrealestate and Cambridge Rentals!

What is required when we want to rent an apartment?

When you are ready to rent an apartment you will need to complete an application, have the broker's fee and usually first and last month's rent. However, if you rent a no fee apartment then the management company will pay the fee!

What if we are just looking? Can we see some apartments with you?

Unfortunately most of my apartments have tenants in them. Therefore, the apartments are shown when we have determined this may be "the one!" and you are able to complete applications and secure the apartment with monies in good faith. Then an appointment is made with the current tenant.

Many apartments are listed in the newspapers and have banners showing no fee. Why should we pay a fee? The NO FEE buildings tend to be more expensive because the broker fee is built into your yearly rent. You pay this over and over each year vs. a one time broker's fee.

Gather information from a broker who lives and works in Cambridge. There is a reason people pay the broker fee. Relocation, quality of life, ease of use = priceless! Utilize our expertise, our network of current/past tenants who tell us what they liked about renting in a certain location, etc.

Where are you located? How do we get in touch with you?

Please email or call 617.92.9494 or text 617.699.0388

"My lottery number is horrible! What is the best time to rent?" The real estate agents are pressuring us!

Determine your highest priorities, i.e., parking for a spouse, riding a bicycle/walking/bus, driving to campus. Are schools in Newton more important than driving to campus? Keep a good perspective in determining housing as you will only be here for 2 years. Keep calm! Everyone finds a place! Don't be pressured or bullied!

Do you endorse large complexes?

In general, newly built complex is not without problems! Chances are newer units have fewer problems, however, it is not a guarantee! Renters should know Management Companies want to sell their units, they are not relocation specialists!

Why are the prices so expensive? I thought this was a "renter's market?

Apartments of the past have been converted to condominiums. Long-term apartment rentals are a premium. If you rent directly from an owner, you may "get a deal" and have to move again in less than a year.

What are the Lead Laws? How does that affect my ability to rent with a child?

Many owners are unaware of their responsibilities to delead their apartments. A renovated property is not automatically lead free. We require the landlord to provide us with a lead certification when we list the apartment. Read more about Lead Laws on your local state website.